Playlist submission to Spotify Playlist Owners

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We have painstakingly built a lists of thousands of Spotify playlists and their managers for every  genre. 

We will combine your artist profile with a specific track and submit it to each playlist for consideration by their curators.

   We include your artist profile to help you stand out.  Each genre has at least 1 million members in their playlists, and typically at least 100 playlists in total.  We constantly update the list with new members.  These are personal lists, Some list managers will respond that they are willing to place the track for a fee.  We typically remain focused on those who just want good music.

   The goal is to get picked up by enough personal playlists, that you will trigger pick up on the algorithmic playlists, which will then lead to the biggest editorial playlists.

Submissions typically go out within 72 hours. Our customer support staff will reach out to you for track and profile information.