Clayton Anderson

Raised in Bedford, Indiana, country singer and songwriter Clayton Anderson started his career almost by accident, picking up and learning how to play guitar while he was in college, thinking maybe it would impress the ladies. Soon he was playing local parties and bars, graduating to the so-called Midwestern frat circuit. After graduating from Indiana University, Anderson had pretty much decided to be done with the music thing when he participated in Kenny Chesney's Next Big Star battle-of-the-bands competition at the Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati in 2008, walking off the stage with his band after a 15-minute set as the winner, and slotted as the opening act for Chesney's show the next night. The whole experience convinced Anderson to give music one last solid push, and he moved to Nashville, independently releasing a debut album, Torn Jeans & Tailgates, in 2011. Now he is back at it with his latest album right where I belong and single Struggle Bus.